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"Put Your Junk in the Trunk!"

Ah.....Spring is almost here bringing birdies and flowers and gardens, oh my!......

And Theft From Auto (TFA) crimes. Why?

Linwood is a very safe neighborhood thanks to the constant monitoring by our CPD District 2 at 3295 Erie Ave. TFAs are considered crimes of convenience, done without planning, and encouraged by opportunity. Every year, we seem to encounter this problem at one of our most treasured Park and Recreation sites, Lunken Playfield.

This happens because it is always crowded by people from all over the area enjoying the many sports activities, shelters and playgrounds. Visitors may feel more comfortable leaving their valuables in their parked cars in plain sight, and some go so far as to leave their cars unlocked for their own convenience. And that's the opportunity someone will take.

This kind of crime is virtually impossible to intercept, despite rigorous patrolling, because it's a waiting game. The best thing we can do is to not to put "bait" on our car seats for all to see. So, please put your junk in the trunk!

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