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A Brief History of Linwood

Linwood incorporated as a village in 1874 and at that time had 700 inhabitants. The population was of Middle and Upper-Middle income families and many traveled to work on the Little Miami railroad. However, what made Linwood different from other Cincinnati commuter neighborhoods was the fact that Linwood still housed industry and a small business district that included the DeArmand ham factory, the Hardisty auger factory, a lumberyard, general store, groceries, dry goods, barber, tailor, saloon, ice house, and a hotel at 4632 Eastern (built in 1865) that stands today as the Brew River restaurant.

Cincinnati annexed Linwood in 1896. At that time Linwood had developed their own independent Town Hall (now the Ark by the River Church), school, waterworks, electric co., and firehouse, which is still located at 3678 Heekin. Currently, Linwood is adjacent to interesting and historical landmarks such as Ault Park and Lunken Airport; other neighborhoods of Cincinnati: Mt. Lookout, Columbia Tusculum, East End, Mt. Washington and the village of Fairfax. The geography of Linwood is a mixture of hillsides and a large portion in flood plains. 

In the twentieth century, the separation of Linwood became more emphasized by the construction of Columbia Pkwy. That, coupled with the railroad has split up our little community. Wooster has grown into an industrial road also aiding in the separation. It is suggested that Linwood's unique identity is slowly disappearing. State Rte. 50, Eastern Avenue, predating the Parkway, is poised to be our neighborhood's revitalized business district, which can serve to reconnect Linwood above Eastern, and below


Hard work and great people like our Community Council, preserve historic Linwood, while revitalizing our community.

To contact the Community Council directly, visit the Contact page.

Historic Buildings of Linwood

Linwood Baptist Church
Linwood Public School
Linwood Masonic Lodge
Linwood Methodist Church
1960's Columbia Parkway Construction
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