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Two opportunities for hiking and biking in Linwood or close to it!

1) The NEW Beechmont Connector Trail Celebration! October 2, 2022

We received this. Maybe you did too if you live in Linwood since it will take place in our wonderful Otto Armleder Park.

2) This invitation came to our Council email address, and is open to anyone who has interest in this opportunity to help re-design existing hiking trails in Stanbery Park .

Thurs Oct 6 - 6:00 pm at Big Ash Brewing. Read on......

Linwood Community Council, Great news! Stanbery Park has been chosen by CORA for their attention to its trails. Would you please share this with your membership? Information sessions Tues, August 30, Wednes, September 14 and Thurs Oct 6 - 6:00 pm at Big Ash Brewing. Grab a beer, listen in and give us some ideas! CORA (Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance) has done awesome trail work in a number of Greater Cincinnati Parks (Mt. Airy, Devou, Caesar Creek, Hueston Woods and so many more) and now have their sights set on Stanbery Park. Come to learn more about upgrading the existing trails in Stanbery to multi-use trails (hikers, bikers, and walkers) and connecting to the Little Miami Trail system. Feel free to give me a shout or we’ll just see you there. And please, feel free to share these dates with your membership and anyone you think would be interested. Wendy O’Neal Mt. Washington CDC 513.232.8373 "No more hurting people. Peace." Martin Richard, Boston, 4/15/2013

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