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City Considering Restructuring of Real Estate Tax Abatements

Recently, the City has commissioned a study of current RE tax abatement practices using the above proposal:

The Linwood Community Council is committed to keeping our residents and businesses informed about our City Council's activities, which will have impacts on Linwood; our new website makes this much easier, allowing you to participate, form your own opinion, and share it below. We are here to represent everyone's opinion and look forward to your feedback on the attached form. The form is supplied by Invest in Neighborhoods (IIN) an organization which supports community councils' interactions with the City. You can choose to remain anonymous; only neighborhood name is required. Our Council will receive the report containing the citywide responses giving us the ability to "sample" how Linwood feels about this issue. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you prefer to speak to us directly, please email or attend one of our monthly meetings.

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